Left of Banner: Walton County Seal. Center of Banner: Walton County Florida, Supervisor of Elections. Right of Banner: Headshot of Ryan Messer. His name appears to the left of the headshot above his title - Supervisor of Elections

Youth Outreach

School Events: 

Annually, the Walton County Supervisor of Elections Office conducts numerous school elections, registration drives, and speaking engagements at schools throughout the county.

Please contact our office to setup an event at your school.  

College Scholarships: 

Annually, the Florida Supervisor of Elections (FSE) Association awards $1,200 scholarships to deserving college students in the state of Florida. If you or someone you know might be interested in receiving more details please have them contact our office

Learning Resources: 


image (1)   Ben's Guide 

 image  iCivics 

CRN  Civics Renewal Network

🌐  Constitution Center

 🌐 Annenberg Learner

 🌐 Bill of Rights Institute