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Vote In Honor of a Veteran

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So often we take our freedoms for granted-freedoms that veterans fought to defend. Countless sacrifices have been made by many brave men and women so that we can live in a country that allows us to express ourselves freely. The sacrifices our veterans have made on behalf of this great state and nation stand as examples that underscore the need for us to take our responsibilities seriously, especially our right to vote.  The Walton County Supervisor of Elections Office is pleased to present the Vote in Honor of a Veteran program. The intent of this program is to encourage voter participation, as well as remind citizens about the sacrifices our veterans have made, so that we may continue to live in a free democratic society.  By exercising our right to vote, we show veterans the respect they deserve for protecting our democracy. This program will allow each of us to honor someone who served.  We urge all of our voters to "Vote in Honor of a Vet" the next time you go to the polls.

At designated areas of the courthouses in Walton County, veteran photos are displayed. These veterans have some connection to Walton County. Many of them are faces you may recognize, or are related to people you know. We encourage everyone to stop by and show your respects to the veterans on the honor wall and by voting in their honor. 

To add a veteran's photo to the Veteran Wall, a Biography Form needs to be completed by the veteran or by a family member. Forms are available at our offices or we can send them to you. A photo of the veteran will also need to be scanned at our office or can be sent by email. If in person, the photo is scanned immediately and returned. 

We include all individuals with a connection to Walton County, who ever served our country, whether it is in peacetime or wartime; past or present. Completed forms may be returned to the address at the bottom of the form. If you should have any questions, please contact our office.

The complete Walton County Honor Wall may be seen on the first floor of the Walton County Courthouse at 571 U.S. Hwy 90 East in DeFuniak Springs. 

This program does not endorse any political party or candidate.