Left of Banner: Walton County Seal. Center of Banner: Walton County Florida, Supervisor of Elections. Right of Banner: Headshot of Ryan Messer. His name appears to the left of the headshot above his title - Supervisor of Elections

Election Results & Turnout

Local Election Results 

Local results, including precinct-level, maps, and reports (when available)
On Election Night, a link to auto-refreshing scrolling results for viewing live returns is also available (same results shown at courthouse).

Local Real-Time & Historical Voter Turnout Statistics

Unofficial real-time voter turnout of current elections and turnout numbers from previous elections.

State and Multi-County Election Night Results (when available)

Accumulated state-level and county-level summary results for state-wide and multi-county contests in the current election. Results may be suppressed until all Florida polling places have closed. Site may be inactive when there is no current election.

State and Multi-County Historical Election Results and Turnouts

Historical state-wide summary, county-level summary, and precinct-level results and turnouts for state-wide and multi-county contests from past elections.