Left of Banner: Walton County Seal. Center of Banner: Walton County Florida, Supervisor of Elections. Right of Banner: Headshot of Ryan Messer. His name appears to the left of the headshot above his title - Supervisor of Elections


Picture of Bobby Beasley

Bobby Beasley
Supervisor of Elections 

Picture of Melissa Beasley

Melissa Beasley
Supervisor of Elections

Picture of Nellie Thompson

Nellie Thompson
Supervisor of Elections

 Picture of Rosetta Bailey

Rosetta Bailey
Supervisor of Elections

 Picture of Odell O. Thompson

Odell O. Thompson
Supervisor of Elections
Small Claims Court Judge
1967-1973 (abolished in 1973)

In 1963, the Florida Legislature passed Senate Bills 548 and 549 [PDF] making the Walton County Supervisor of Registration an elected position with added duties, serving also as the Small Claims Court Judge. The bills became Laws 63-2029 and 63-852. 

In 1965, the Legislature changed the title of Supervisor of Registration to Supervisor of Elections. The first election for Walton County Supervisor of Elections and Small Claims Court Judge was in 1966 and the term began in 1967.  

Odell O. Thompson served as both a Small Claims Court Judge and as Supervisor of Elections from 1967 until 1973, when the Small Claims Court Judge position was abolished. Odell O. Thompson continued serving solely as Supervisor of Elections beginning in 1973 and through 1979. 

Prior to 1973, the duties of Supervisor of Registration/Elections were sometimes performed by other officials in an ex-officio capacity. There were also periods when the position was vacant.

Picture of M.C. Burke
M.C. Burke
Small Claims Court Judge
Supervisor of Registration (ex-officio)

Picture of Emery Campbell
Emery Campbell
Small Claims Court Judge
Supervisor of Registration (ex-officio)
approx. 1953-59

T.R. Spence
Supervisor of Registration
approx. 1948-1951

In 1945, the Florida Legislature passed House Bill 278 (Ch. 22759) establishing that beginning with the 1948 General Election and taking office in 1949, the position of Supervisor of Registration would be an elected position statewide. 

Alton Renfroe
Tax Collector
Supervisor of Registration (ex-officio)
approx. 1945-47 

Lewis F. Cawthon
Tax Collector
Supervisor of Registration (ex-officio)
approx. 1941-1945

W.T. Ray
Tax Collector
Supervisor of Registration (ex-officio)
approx. 1929-1941

1930 Poll Tax Receipt

1931 Poll Tax Receipt

1932 Poll Tax Receipt

1933 Poll Tax Receipt

1934 Poll Tax Receipt

1935 Poll Tax Receipt

Norman Gillis
Supervisor of Registration
approx. 1924-1927

Ella Brannon
Supervisor of Registration
March - July 1924

John F. Grice
Supervisor of Registration

T.R. Spence
Supervisor of Registration

T.M. Trotman
Supervisor of Registration

J.C. Drake
Supervisor of Registration
approx. 1912-1914

R.N. Tarance
Supervisor of Registration
approx. 1911-1912

Howard L. Cawthon
Supervisor of Registration

Dan Trotman
Supervisor of Registration

Norman Gillis
Supervisor of Registration
approx. 1903-1906

A.R. Campbell
Supervisor of Registration
unknown - approx. 1903
(listed as Supervisor of Registration in the Secretary of State Report in 1895-96 and 1901-02.)

W.L. Cawthon
Supervisor of Registration 
(listed as Supervisor of Registration in an 1894 DeFuniak Herald newspaper)

The 1887-88 Florida Secretary of State Report states that there were 51
commissioned Supervisors of Registration in the state, but does not
specifically mention Walton County. 

Voter Registration rolls from September 14, 1867 mention a
3-person Board of Registry in Walton County.  
The 3 people listed are:
D.L. Campbell
J.W. McKinnon
Willis Johnson

Walton County Voter Registration Rolls, 1867-68

Florida's first state-wide election after becoming a state
was held on May 26, 1845. The precinct clerks for Walton County were:
D.M. Jones
Duncan C. McCallum
Phillip M. Griffith
Alexander J. Howell
Thos. R. Besher
Richard W. Arman

Walton County Election Returns, 1845

Walton County Voters in 1st Florida Election, 1845

The following newspaper clipping is an account of an election for delegate to Congress held in the Euchee Valley area of Walton County on May 4th, 1829.

Newspaper Clip about voters in the 1829 Election 
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Historical Election Results & Turnouts

Walton County Election Results & Turnouts

Walton County History

Walton County History

DeFuniak Springs Historic District