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Ballot Initiatives / Amendments

Current active initiatives / amendments can be found at the Florida Division of Elections Database

In Florida, the people have the right to propose amendments to the Florida Constitution through an initiative petition process. Sponsors of these initiatives must secure the required number of valid petition signatures in order for their initiative to be placed on a General Election ballot. 

More information on Florida's proposed Constitutional Amendments and the initiative petition process can be found at the Florida Division of Elections Constitutional Amendment page

Throughout the year, our office verifies hundreds of initiative petition signatures. In Walton County, initiative petitions are verified at a cost of 50 cents per petition at the time the petitions are submitted, unless an affidavit of undue burden is filed. 

Pursuant to F.S. 100.371(11)(c), the latest Initiative Petition Report is available at the following link: 

Initiative Petition Report (through April 17, 2024) [PDF]