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Election Results

Historical state-wide summary, county-level summary, and precinct-level election results can also be found on the Florida Division of Elections Data page

For up-to-the-minute results from municipal (city) elections, please attend the city canvassing board meetings at the close of the polls. Results will be posted here after completion of the canvassing board meeting. Please refer to the city clerk and canvassing board for more information regarding municipal (city) elections. 

2024 Presidential Preference Primary Election: Results

2024 DeFuniak Springs Special Election: Results [PDF]

2023 DeFuniak Springs Election: Results [PDF]

2022 General Election: Results

2022 Primary Election: Results

2022 City of Paxton Election: Results

2021 Paxton Special Election: Results

2021 DeFuniak Springs Special Election: Results

2020 General Election: Results

2020 Primary Election: Results (after recount)

2020 City of Paxton Election: Results

2020 Presidential Preference Primary Election: Results

2019 Special School Board Referendum Election: Results 

2019 City of DeFuniak Springs Election: Results (after recount)

2018 General Election: Results (after recounts)

2018 Primary Election: Results

2018 City of Freeport Election: Results

2017 City of Freeport Election: Results

2017 City of DeFuniak Springs Election: Results

2016 General Election: Results

2016 Primary Election: Results

2016 Presidential Preference Primary Election: Results

2015 Special School Board Referendum Election: Results

2015 City of DeFuniak Springs Election: Results

2014 General Election: Results

2014 Primary Election: Results

2014 City of Freeport Election: Results [PDF]

2013 City of Freeport Election: Results [PDF]

2013 City of DeFuniak Springs Special Election: Results [PDF]

2013 City of DeFuniak Springs Election: Results [PDF]

2012 General Election: Results [PDF]

2012 Primary Election: Results [PDF]

2012 City of Paxton Election: Results [PDF]

2012 Special Bridge Tax Referendum Election: Results [PDF]

2012 Presidential Preference Primary Election: Results [PDF]

2011 Special School Board Referendum Election: Results [PDF]

2011 City of DeFuniak Springs Runoff Election: Results [PDF]

2011 City of DeFuniak Springs Election: Results [PDF]

2010 General Election: Results [PDF]

2010 Primary Election: Results [PDF]

2010 City of Paxton Election: Results [PDF]

2010 City of Freeport Election: Results [PDF]

2010 City of DeFuniak Springs Election: Results [PDF]

2009 City of Freeport Election: Results [PDF]

2009 City of DeFuniak Springs Election: Results [PDF]

2008 General Election: Results [PDF]

2008 Primary Election: Results [PDF]

2008 City of Paxton Election: Results [PDF]

2008 City of DeFuniak Springs Election: Results [PDF]

2008 Presidential Preference Primary Election: Results [PDF]

2007 Special School Board Referendum Election: Results [PDF]

2007 City of DeFuniak Springs Runoff Election: Results [PDF]

2007 City of DeFuniak Springs Election: Results [PDF]

2006 General Election: Results [PDF]

2006 Primary Election: Results [PDF]

2006 City of Paxton Election: Results [PDF]

2005 City of Freeport Election: Results [PDF]

2005 Special General Election: Results [PDF]

2005 City of Paxton Election: Results [PDF]

2005 City of DeFuniak Springs Election: Results [PDF]

2004 General Election: Results [PDF]

2004 Primary Election: Results [PDF]

2004 City of Paxton Election: Results (after recount) [PDF]

2004 City of Freeport Election: Results [PDF]

2004 Presidential Preference Primary Election: Results [PDF]

2003 Special School Board Referendum Election: Results [PDF]

2003 City of DeFuniak Springs Election: Results [PDF]

2002 General Election: Results (after recount) [PDF]

2002 Primary / City of Paxton Election: Results [PDF]

2001 Special General Election: Results [PDF]

2001 Special Primary Election: Results [PDF]

2001 City of DeFuniak Springs Election: Results [PDF]

2000 General Election: Results [PDF]

2000 2nd Primary / City of Paxton Election: Results [PDF]

2000 1st Primary / City of Paxton Election: Results [PDF]

2000 Presidential Preference Primary Election: Results [PDF]